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Currently, I will review Warframe, Paladins, and Thumper


Warframe is a f2p fps that takes elements from shooters and puts its own unique spin on it. The story, while there being a lack of one directly, is made up by the quests that the creator: Digital Extremes put out every major update or so. While they are developing the story, every 2 weeks, they take time and release some new content for its players to enjoy. People have sunken thousands of hours into it, and I can see why they would do that. The gameplay itself is very fun to play albeit hard to master at first, but when you do, you'll be moving through places like a ninja with the parkour system, which makes it so fast and fluid. They also have PvP which is fun. But this game comes with a lot of grind,but it is not p2w like people say it is. Currently,DE is working on the War Within which should ship November 9. Overall this game is a 8/10


Paladins is a f2p fps that takes elements from team based shooters and puts its own unique spin on it. Paladins has its own unique cast of characters each with their own personalities that makes them unique, along with distinct powers so that there is variety in gameplay. Some people accuse it of being an Overwatch rip off, but who cares, It's a fun game, and you should try it when you get the chance to.The gameplay is very fast and fluid and the matches themselves don't take that much time.Overall this game is a 7/10.


Thumper is a game about rhythm where one wrong mistake could get you off balance and potentially killed if you aren't skilled enough to recover from it. When played together perfectly, it produces a perfect sound that is reminisent of metal music. The gameplay itself is good and very fun and you could lose yourself playing this. Overall this game is a 8/10